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Best place to stay in Lima, San Isidro – Casa Bella Peru

San Isidro in Lima, as many travel experts agree, is one of the best places to stay while visiting the capital of Peru. Many people now adays do a whole lot of research before visiting or travelling to a new city. The internet has opened up the doors for people of all corners and it has given the possibility to even visit the city, in a virtual way, prior to a real presence.

As you arrange your next trip to Lima, take some time to tour around San Isidro in the internet, google around and make sure you see some pictures of the city, you will find many colonial style homes, modern buildings and an ocean shore that magnifies the beauty of the city. The district is considered and exclusive upper class district and it is conveniently located twenty to twenty five minutes from the airport, so if you are even coming into Lima for just a few hours it is very worth the ride.

San Isidro will give you the opportunity to experience the real sense of the city, residential parks, historical mansions, beautiful buildings very well kept, like the Country Club, which by the way is just a few steps away from our Casa Bella, and you will even find some Inca Ruins like the Huaca Huallamarca. Of course we cannot leave aside the famous restaurants like Jose Antonio, very well known for its delicious Peruvian dishes, the restaurant  is considered an emblematic restaurant in San Isidro and why not say in the whole city of Lima.

While you tour around the city online, you will also find that the best hotels are based in San Isidro and that is one of the best signals that a traveller can have. The rates might be high for some people but that is why Casa Bella  gives the option to all travellers to stay in San Isidro with a very affordable rates. The hotel has been in this area for over five years now and it has received the best reviews in many travel guides like Lonely Planet and Trip Advisor.

Casa Bella welcomes you to San Isidro and invites you to tour around the city, the hotel provides comfortable accommodations, sightseeing tours, bike tours, walk-tours and best of all great affordable rates.

Welcome to San Isidro and Casa Bella!

En: Travel el 13 February, 2011

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