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Casa Bella B&B Boutique Hotel
Las Flores 459 San Isidro
Lima – Peru 
Phone in Peru: (511) 421-7354 - (511) 421-1033
Phone In USA: (720) 648-3451
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Hotels in Lima Peru

Hotels in Lima Peru are offering excelent hospitality services to all kinds of guests. In the last few years Peru has experienced a great advantage over other countries in Latin America, not only for its great value in customer service satisfaction, but because now hotels have a great resource backing them up: the peruvian cuisine.

More and more people are travelling to Peru just to have a taste for its delicious dishes. Hotels are also playing a big role in this new tourism arena where their kitchens have become part of the tour as well.

One of the first questions tourist ask when they arrive at the hotel here in Lima is, where can I eat? of course that opens up a great and expanded list of possible results. Here in Casa Bella we had a guest from the US navy that came to Lima for a week and he only came to eat. He did not come to visit Machu Picchu, Cusco or Arequipa, his mission was just to try the diferent restaurants in Lima, he left satisfied and convinced that the peruvian cuisine was one of the best.

Here in Casa Bella Boutique Hotel we would like to invite our friends and future guests from all over the world to enjoy, not only our hotel, but our cuisine as well.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

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