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About Us

A Little About Us

We are a group of professionals in love and dedicated to our country. We have put our habilities and expertise together in order to provide friendly and professional hospitality services to people visiting our lands. We believe Peru has a lot to offer and we want to be a part of it. Being one of the first boutique hotels in Lima, we are motivated essentially by the spirit of service and the sharing of our culture, walking the extra mile to reach our guests needs and expectations, making them feel safe and welcomed.

Our guidelines are grounded on kindness and friendship, creating bonds around the world, building peace with our neighbors, expanding horizons to our guests, and crafting unforgettable memories for all our visitors and for ourselves.

We believe that hosting people from different parts of the world, goes beyond providing just a simple bed and a room, it is definitely more than that, it is an opportunity for us to create close relationships for an already distanced world, it is a chance for us to share our culture and traditions, enriching the lives of many who have come from different corners of the world to experience firsthand, our lifestyles, culture, and history.

Our mission is a vivid and constant mission, one that does not stop through out the year and it is a mere reminder of our existence as a business, but more important, as human beings working hard to creat long-lasting relationships with real people from all over the globe.

We see ourselves to be a solid and well founded bridge that has the capacity to unite cultures. Therefore, our vision is not to reach a goal, but the continuous growth of our path.

We invite you to stay with us, we open our doors to a new experience, and we promise to treat you right and with respect.


orlando sanchez

Orlando Sanchez A.
Founder and CEO
Casa Bella Boutique Hotel

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